• 【Good luck with Miyagi】

    • Jinhua mackerel overnight dried roast

      Jinhua mackerel overnight dried roast

      780 yen

      Miyagi's proud brand mackerel

    • Kuroge Wagyu beef grill

      Kuroge Wagyu beef grill

      ¥ 1040

      Grilled handful of beef using Japanese black cattle produced in the prefecture, ♪ very popular from children to adults

    • Grilled beef tanger miso sauce pickled

      Grilled beef tanger miso sauce pickled

      1260 yen

      Although the standard is salt grilling, pickled miso soaked with high taste beef tongue pressed the store manager!

  • 【300 yen menu】

    • Tataki cucumber plum with meat

      Tataki cucumber plum with meat

      300 yen

      Salty of Shira and sweet and sour taste of South High plum are good.

    • Fresh pickle of yam

      Fresh pickle of yam

      300 yen

      Perfect for chopstick breaks.

    • Boiled bean curd quilt

      Boiled bean curd quilt

      300 yen

      From Zao Suzushiro.It is simple and simple.

    • Steamed oyster made in Sanriku

      300 yen

      Unknown Milky Wallet

    • Rice bran pickled cheese

      300 yen

      Mochuarella cheese's rice bran pickles are the manager's recommended items

  • 【480 yen menu】

    • Deep-fried chicken

      Deep-fried chicken

      480 yen

      Beer starts to swim in a spicy sweet sour sauce like oil.

    • French fries

      French fries

      480 yen

      The potato of the gate is crispy, crispy and addictive!

    • Edamame soybean paste steamed

      Edamame soybean paste steamed

      480 yen

      I am glad that the steamed freshly steamed fish ♪

    • Soup rolled roll egg rolls

      Soup rolled roll egg rolls

      480 yen

      Sweetness The modest egg yaki is available with every drink!

    • Hong Kong water dumplings

      Hong Kong water dumplings

      480 yen

      Hong Kong style sauce that made XO sauce work is good.

  • 【Fresh Fish】

    • Seminar 2 servings / 3 - 4 servings

      Seminar 2 servings / 3 - 4 servings

      ¥ 1040/1950 yen
    • Today's white sting

      Today's white sting

      680 yen
    • This tuna stab

      This tuna stab

      980 yen
    • Broiled sashimi stab

      Broiled sashimi stab

      680 yen

      Miyagi is a proud brand mackerel.

    • Rock dakosaki

      Rock dakosaki

      650 yen

      Simple and delicious.

  • 【Grilled dishes / simmered dishes】

    • Ishinomaki direct squid's Potato Grill

      Ishinomaki direct squid's Potato Grill

      630 yen

      Takasago longevity soy sauce is put on thick thick squid, and it is baked carefully.

    • Grilled Broiled Egret (Kobe)

      Grilled Broiled Egret (Kobe)

      660 yen

      Although it is a classic, Amihile of the gate is very thick and very popular.Have a warm cooking.

    • Assortment of 6 skewers

      Assortment of 6 skewers

      1160 yen

      I baked it carefully with charcoal fire.Ako salt complements the umami.

    • Boiled with a submarine

      Boiled with a submarine

      630 yen

      The thick umami using Sendai miso is excellent with either alcohol or white rice.

    • Beef stew

      Beef stew

      740 yen

      One item is hidden popular menu hidden in the gate.Yuzu taste of adults with pepper effect.

  • 【Fried food / Stir-fry】

    • Kesennuma hormone teppanyaki

      Kesennuma hormone teppanyaki

      780 yen

      Domestic hormones and plenty of vegetables on azatsu iron plate.

    • Prawn frit mayonnaise sauce

      Prawn frit mayonnaise sauce

      840 yen
    • Camembert cheese frit

      Camembert cheese frit

      300 yen

      Successful.Trout.It will be lost in a blink of an ...

  • 【Western food of the gate】

    • Raw cream pasta

      Raw cream pasta

      1150 yen

      Rice cake raw noodles are the best! The rich but dangerous sauce is exquisite.

    • Pizza Ammon

      Pizza Ammon

      930 yen

      Handmade Zao Suzushiro's homemade Yuba and cheese harmony is the best! Serve with wasabi sauce ♪

    • Pizza Margherita

      Pizza Margherita

      880 yen

      Unique only.You can eat authentic Naples pizza!

  • 【meal】

    • Takasago longevity miso grilled rice ball

      Takasago longevity miso grilled rice ball

      420 yen

      Appetite is intrigued by the smell of burnt garlic miso.

    • Handful sushi 10 threads

      Handful sushi 10 threads

      990 yen
    • Two types of sushi roll of Tenus and Negimoto

      Two types of sushi roll of Tenus and Negimoto

      840 yen

      Two popular menus in one dish.

  • 【sweetness】

    • Zao cream cheese

      Zao cream cheese

      580 yen

      It is good for accompanying wine and dessert.It is slightly sweet addictive taste.

    • Submoon-like cream Annun

      Submoon-like cream Annun

      520 yen

      It is Cream Annoney with Warabimochi and Shiratama.Please make a black spot.

    • Rich bitter chocolate terrine

      Rich bitter chocolate terrine

      540 yen

      Homemade Terrine is rich but sweetness is discreet.